Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. Still want to know more? Call 845-469-9000.

Kitchen Garden Tour: What is it?

It’s a one-day event to promote local food gardens. Dirt Magazine and Straus News invite readers to take a self-guided tour of some of the many Kitchen Gardens entered in the 4th Annual Kitchen Garden Tour. Everyone who buys a ticket gets to vote. And everyone who buys a ticket is invited to the Awards Ceremony and Reception.

Kitchen Gardens: What are they?

Vegetable gardens tended by individuals (ie- not by paid landscapers, farmers or gardeners). Gardeners can self-nominate or nominate friends’ or neighbors’ gardens.

How do people vote?

You must buy a ticket to be eligible to vote. Winners will be announced and awards given at the Awards Reception at Mohawk House, The Restaurant.

How do people find out where the tour is and which gardens to visit?

Once a person purchases a ticket, we will email or fax them a map showing the location of all the Kitchen Gardens in this year’s tour.

When can you tour the gardens?

Sunday, August 11, 2019 from 10am-5pm

Are gardeners allowed to serve drinks/snacks at/from the garden?

Absolutely, entertain in your garden however you please!

What if it’s raining?

Rain or Shine! There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.